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Mig Inc'

Migraine Inc (call me Mig Inc) is a solo project created in 2008 to explore noisy electronic musics. After having been (and still being) involved in some rock/punk/hardcore bands, I wanted to try computer-made and guitar-less music.

So Mig Inc's music is not confined in an unique kind of music, passing through industrial, downtempo techno, techno punk, noise, harsh-noise, HNW, glitch, breakcore,....

There's sometimes lyrics, or samples, but not always, and I usually approach themes such as free flows of ideas and creations, against any kind of dogma, bright/dark sides of human-mind, being a free thinker, daily life stories, and stuff...

Sometime I just make music to have fun, and if possible to make a musical middle finger to every kind of elitist visions of music.


DJ sets and long live sets :


All my sounds are copyleft. You are free to copy / share and remix my sound as long as you mention my name, and as you share your remix with the same conditions. Make what you want with my sound except full copyrighted shit !